In The Beginning...

A young girl from Southern California moved to the small (yet full of character) state of Maryland.  She stayed instate for college & studied communications, marketing & art.  During her last semester of her senior year, she met her prince charming.  A year & a half later, he asked her to marry him (in the most perfect way - a story for another time).  They are now living happily ever after in the city of Baltimore with their golden retiever pup. 

& this is where it all began!

In search of an outlet for her creativity, Sarah was inspired to create BMORE Chic in March 2014.  It's taken a lot to get it up & running, but it's finally here!

If you have a dream, go for it.  No matter how long it takes!

This was documented in her iPhone notes on March 8, 2014 at 3:40 am… when her best thinking is done!

BMORE Chic - Sharing Baltimore's Fashion, Food & Fun One Neighborhood at a Time

Since then, she has modified her dream a bit and expanded BMORE Chic to cover her passion of her life in Baltimore, traveling & interior design.  Currently, she is practicing interior decorating and working towards her MFA in interior design.

And this is her mission...

BMORE Chic// sharing Baltimore City's daily charm, exploring the world's vast beauty, & designing one unique space at a time.  All of this through the eyes of a 20-something year old girl who calls Baltimore home.

Enjoy :) 

xox, BMORE Chic

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Elounda Bay, Crete with champagne

Elounda Bay, Crete with champagne

Baltimore, MD with George (husband) & Whiskey

Baltimore, MD with George (husband) & Whiskey

Love what you do and do what you love.
— Ray Bradbury
Baltimore Harbor, taken by Sarah

Baltimore Harbor, taken by Sarah