Home staging is more than bringing in inventories,
it is about creating the lifestyle of each home for the targeted buyers.


At BMORE Chic, our focus is to create a lifestyle for targeted buyers. As home stagers, we understand selling houses is all about first impressions. Through our thoughtful design and careful inventory selection, we will help potential buyers “experience”  your home from the first moment the door opens. This enables your home to stand out among the rest and sell faster, often for more money in either the buyers or sellers market.

We have learned that the key to our success has been our ability to listen to you, our client, understanding your circumstance, something we do really well.  We currently provide in-person staging services in Maryland, Virginia and DC

While price creates interest, home staging brings offers!

Every home is different, therefore it requires a different set of inventory, style and approach to make each home market ready (further explanation of each service below).


Please follow the link below to fill out all necessary information about your project. Once we look over each questionnaire, we will reach out to you to set up a consultation to discuss your home staging needs further.


Initial Visit

Vacant Home Staging: The initial visit is a complimentary service. Depending on the size of your home you should allow us between 30-60 minutes for this appointment. During this visit we will collaborate with you or your agent to determine the best staging strategy for your home.

Partial Home Staging:  We require a pre-listing consultation before the staging. Please read below for a detailed description.

Written Proposal

Within 24 hours of our initial visit we will send you a proposal including fees. We are always happy to provide different options for you to select from.

Deposit to Save a Date

Once we receive a deposit from you we will save a date for your staging and will send you a formal contract.

Staging Date

On the staging day we require the entire house to ourselves for seamless installation. We finish all of our staging projects in one day.


Once we receive the good news your house has been sold we will schedule a date to de-stage your home.

Our Staging Services Include:

01. VACANT STAGING // Creating a customized lifestyle image that targets likely buyers

  • Based on demographic research and trends for your home and neighborhood, we bring in carefully chosen furniture and accessories from our extensive inventory that highlight the most desirable qualities of your home
  • We introduce lifestyle themes designed to appeal to targeted home buyers
  • Vacant staging is ideal for home owners who have already moved out of their home and wish to sell quickly
  • Options include staging the entire house or just a few strategically selected rooms
  • Pricing varies based on square footage of areas to be staged, access and location

02. PRE-LISTING CONSULTATION // Providing an individualized plan of action for occupied homes before staging

  • A professional design consultant will discuss your sales goals, budget and timeline with you and/or your agent
  • The home’s exterior will be evaluated for improvements to enhance curb appeal
  • A comprehensive walk-through of the home will be performed to assess furniture, furniture placement, flow, clutter, lighting, color, accessories and any needed repairs 
  • Focal points of the home will be identified as well as any problem areas
  • Following an evaluation of the property as seen through the buyers’ eyes, we present detailed options for preparing your home for the market
  •  We provide a complete list of our recommendations designed to get the most money for the home in the shortest time possible
  •  This consultation usually takes between 1.5 to 2.5 hours
  • The work can then be completed by you,  if you are a DIY home seller or by us
  • A pre-listing consultation is required for all occupied homes prior to staging day

We also provide effective strategies for keeping the home show-ready for those who will be living in the house while it is on the market.  This is particularly beneficial for busy families.

03. PARTIAL STAGING // Infusing your home with strategic touches to attract that targeted home buyer

  • As with the option above, we implement strategies identified during the Pre-listing Consultation to prepare your home to be show-ready
  • We rearrange your personal furnishings and accessories while incorporating pieces from our diverse inventory to create an updated look designed to appeal to prospective home buyers
  • Family-friendly strategies are one of our many options as well as providing tips for keeping the home show-ready at all times
  • This option is perfect for homes that contain furnishings that complement the home but may need a little pizzazz through artistic rearranging, enhanced lighting or the addition of strategically integrated colors and textures
  • Pricing varies based on the number of rooms and pieces used from our own inventory, access and location

04. RE-DESIGN STAGING // Transforming the look and feel of your home

  • Working from the detailed Action Plan created in the Pre-listing Consultation, we implement agreed upon strategies for getting the home in show-ready condition
  • Our professional design team uses your existing furniture and accessories to create a fresh new look designed to appeal to prospective home buyers
  • This is an excellent option for home owners with a smaller budget and for those who have suitable furnishings yet need some staging assistance

05. PROJECT MANAGEMENT // Increasing market appeal through home renovation and upgrades

When minor renovations or cosmetic upgrades are needed to increase the market appeal of your property, we will coordinate and manage the process from start to finish.  This may include any of the following:

  • Paint selection and the painting project
  • Hardwood floor refinishing and repair
  • Carpet cleaning, selection and installation
  • Light fixture purchasing and installation
  • Appliance repair or purchase and installation
  • Handyman services
  • House cleaning
  • Window cleaning or replacement
  • Landscaping, gardening, power washing
  • Hauling
  • Packing
  • Moving and storage

We have a list of independent contractors, such as real estate photographers, 
landscapers, painters, floor specialists and electricians
who we can recommend to assist you with any work that needs to be done.